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You’;ve heard it time and time again, updating your pillows is the easiest way to give your space a fresh look without having to upendthe scheme you’;ve already put together. The problem is that picking out pillows can be weirdly hard! There are so many options out therecustomized gifts for men, and it’;s hard to know which ones will match. That’;swhy we thought we’;d put together a few schemes that we know will work. Here’;s what we suggest:

Want more help picking out throw pillows? See our complete guide to throw pillows here, or learn more about mixing patterns here.

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Okay, so it’s a?range for our?home, but I’m so excited I can’t stop singing. After two and a half years of dreaming, planning, panicking and questioning if I have the patience, we’re finally embarking on our kitchen remodel.

It can often be incredibly difficult to come up with a unique and interesting design for your home. After all, while there is nothing wrong with crème walls and beige carpets, sometimes you are just looking for something a bit more interesting! As such more and more of us are turning to themes for our homes. This month we will be looking at a range of themes inspired by different countries around the globe.

The word “binding” means to secure or hold together. Binding the raw edges of a sewing project with bias strips of fabric is a good way to cover the edge and add a durable finish. Let’s take a look at the most popular ways to finish sewing projects with binding 3 ways!