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customized gifts for men 8 creative ceiling ideas to consider - sofa pillow covers
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Don’t forget about your ceiling – think of it as the fifth wall in your house. If you’re keen to ditch the drywall, here are eight creative ceiling ideas to consider

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Plaster mouldings are the ultimate in timeless elegance and can be custom made to your requirements. Most companies that specialise in decorative plaster ceilings fabricate a custom mould then finish the plaster mouldings on site.

Our expert says:

“To give a room a feeling of opulence and grandeur this is the way to go. It won’t suit every home as it is very ornate and era-specific.”

White ceilings are classic and safe, and are typically used to make rooms appear as bright and high-ceilinged as possible. By applying colour or wallpaper to the ceiling you can completely change the feel and mood of a room.

Our expert says:

“A brightly painted or wallpapered ceiling that contrasts with the walls creates a strong and graphic statement”

Tin ceilings were first introduced in the 19th century as an affordable alternative to the ornamental plasterwork used in the Victorian era. Durable, lightweight and fireproof, metal ceilings still maintain their appeal as a functionalcustomized gifts for men, attractive and cost-effective design element.

Our expert says:

“This is a gorgeous traditional look for older houses, but can also create an eclectic look in new homes. When painted in the same colour as the walls, it gives great texture to a room without closing it in.”

In architecture, a ‘coffer’ refers to a sunken panel in a ceiling, dome or vaulted ceiling.

Our expert says:

“This is a great option for an older-style home. It gives an ordinary room impact and creates an opulent look and feel. Add interest by applying contrasting colours or keep it white to provide texture without overpowering the space.”

A beam ceiling is one which features exposed joists and beams. There are many reasons why architects of both modern and traditional-style homes are choosing to keep ceiling beams exposed. Aside from the aesthetics, the open ceilings help create a large, ‘breathable’ space – plus the extra ceiling height will make your home feel bigger and brighter.

Our expert says:

“This can be a great way to reinvigorate an ordinary room. When the beams are painted the same colour as the walls it gives a sense of space and height. It looks great mixed with bagged-brick walls (bricks are roughly smoothed over before being painted) and large pendant lights.”

Wood panelling is manufactured in solid natural wood, wood veneers and MDF. Solid wood ceilings can be installed as tongue-and-groove panels or as planks, both of which can be stained or sealed in your choice of colour.

Our expert says:

“These are making a comeback and are being used to give texture and interest to any style of home. Traditionally found in villas, they are now going into new-builds to add character.”

A stretch ceiling is a ceiling system that consists of two basic components: a concealed aluminium framework and a lightweight PVC membrane (fully recyclable) which is stretched over the frame.

Our expert says:

“Although this style of ceiling has been around for 30 years, I personally haven’t had the opportunity to use it. The concept intrigues me, but as it is a very ‘niche’ product I’m not sure how well it translates to the residential market.”

These grooved sheets made from tough fibre cement are designed to line interior walls and ceilings and give the look of tongue-and-groove panelling. They are great for creating a subtle coastal or traditional vibe or simply bringing in a touch of texture.

Our expert says:

“For a touch of coastal or retro cool, these can be put up in a jiffy and painted in white – or in a fabulous contrasting colour if you want to make an impact in an entryway, bedroom or hall.”

Words by: Annick Larkin.?Interior design expert:?Philly Lyus.?Photography by: Maree Homer, Justin Alexander, Helen Bankers, Eve Wilson, Armelle Habib/

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