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So you’re thinking of investing in a bed of your own but with so many bed options to choose from it can sometimes be tricky knowing which would be ideal for you. However if you’ve successfully narrowed down your bed searches and are undecided between the choice of a bed frame or platform bed type here are 6 ways to help you choose.

So you’re ready and raring with your bed budget in hand to venture out and find that ideal bed, although one thing to consider is spending wisely. Often platform beds are a lower price to buy than other bed alternatives such as bed frames and more. Doing this may leave funding left over within your bed budget allowing you to purchase a higher quality mattress to accompany your new platform bed.

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Think about what kind of sleeping experience you want because how you sleep benefits your health and wellbeing.? Each type of bed is going to affect differently how you rest at night,? for example a platform bed due to its solid even structure makes for a more firmer sleeping option as opposed to the standard bed frame which alternatively maybe softer.

Browsing for a bed online is a completely different experience than seeing them in person.? So something that can be really beneficial beforehand is to test and try before you buy.? Visit your local bed showrooms and experience in person what these two bed types are like so that you know which is perfect for you.

The internet is an unlimited source of know how and information for you to use when looking for your ideal bed. So another technique to try before handing over your hard earned money is by doing some homework on the different bed products available on the market. Weigh up each bed’s benefits and features for the pricecustomized gifts for men, as well as read up on other customer experiences to gain more insight into certain products in particular.

Why consider height you say? Well platform beds are often lower, giving the illusion of a bigger more open bedroom space if you feel your rooms looking a little cramped. Another benefit to this type of bed is that due to their height it’s not only easier to clamber into at night but also stay cool during warm summer weather.

Do you prefer a clutter free minimalist look in your bedroom?? Today a little extra storage comes in handy for keeping your home looking clean and mess free. Some platform bed’s come with built in storage, where as others allow for boxes to be stored out of the way underneath.? This can be especially helpful if you currently live in a house or apartment that’s on the smaller side, so understanding whether storage is a feature you need is something to consider.

If you have been looking for a comfortable and innovative way to keep your family toasty this upcoming winter, floor warming probably looks like an exciting option. After all, wouldn’t you rather walk around on luxuriously warm floors in your bare feet than tiptoe across freezing cold tiles just to get into the shower? Some homeowners, however, are worried about how safe this sort of heating is and are hesitant to install it in their home.

I think the saying is actually 'no use crying over spilt milk'! ?

Learn how to make an easy Striped Paper Pieced Quilt block with this tutorial by Alicia from SewWhatAlicia.? It’s a great beginner quilt project and an even better way to use up a lot of your fabric scraps!??