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Feeling sleep deprived? Whether you’re adjusting to a new baby or fighting off sleep regression with a toddler, trying to parent in a sleep deprived state can make things feel even worse. That’s why helping your baby into good sleep habits is important for the whole troop.

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There is a huge amount of advice out there for new parents with regards to baby sleep, but chances are you’re too tired to wade through it all right now. To make it easy, we’ve partnered with sleep expert Rebecca Michi to bring you five simple tips to help your baby on their way to a good night’s sleep.

We’re ready to tackle National Sleep Awareness Week. Bring it on!

1. Location, location, location. When your baby naps during the daycustomized gifts for men, let them do so in their crib, bassinet, or wherever you’d like them to be sleeping at night. This helps your baby associate their bed with sleep and give them a better idea of what they’re supposed to do when you put them there at night.

2. Clear the barracks. Baby gear is adorable, and it is so nice to make a coordinated, cute nursery. But overcrowding a crib with bumpers and toys can be a distraction as well as a safety hazard. There should be NO soft toys or bedding in the crib. Remove all toys and distractions from the crib before it’s time to sleep. Consider a soothing mobile to help them drift to sleep gently.

3. Repeat the drill. Babies thrive on routine, so it’s never too early to start one at bedtime. A lineup as simple as feed, change, snuggle, story will be worth its weight in gold as your little one gets older!

4. Special ops. Make sure you’re giving your baby all the tools for a good night’s sleep. Consider the temperature, the lighting, and perhaps a white noise machine. What works the best varies from one baby to the next. Some like silence, some don’t, some may prefer it to be cooler or warmer. Make it your mission to see what works for your little one, and stick with it.

5. Chow time focus. When you feed your little one during the night, make sure they know that’s all that is happening! No playing, no extra stories, no toys. Be strict (with yourself as well as baby) and you’ll help baby realize that getting up in the night is not all that exciting, so they may as well save their energy for the fun stuff in the morning.

We hope this basic training is a big help to you as you find your new normal. A big thanks to Rebecca Michi for giving us these wonderful tips!

Are you ready for this special mission, squad leaders?

Check out our infographic for a quick refresher course.

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