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customized gifts for men Carpe Diem Journal Cover – Share A Little Homemade Love personalised birthday gifts
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‘;Valentine’;s day is near and do you also need a special gift for a very good friend? ?My idea was to create a diary cover in mixed media style?with a broken heart, but patched and almost healed.’; –;?Kerstin-Inga ?

When we think of Valentine’;s Day we think that hearts are perfect, never broken and never healedcustomized gifts for men, well, every heart has been broken just a bit, the amazing thing is that it can be healed and friendship and love can do just that.

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Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Crimson;?Cross My Heart;?Graphite?;?Amethyst;?Coffee Shop

Canvas Corp –; White Cardstock

Other Items –; clear stamps;?Stencil ‘;Bricks`’;;?Styrofoam heart;?black chain;?Prima Art sugar;?white gesso;?transparent gel;?black yarn

Stamp onto the distress cardstock for a vintage look and the?mist adds to the wonderful style.

Layers and layers and layers of different mediums in a free-style design look terrific for the background of a book cover, layout or card.

Creating a mixed media heart with styrofoam and mist is a terrific way to add dimension. ?The mist will not harm or melt the styrofoam and will give it a wonderful color (you won’;t even know it is styrofoam)

Hidden notes and messages are so fun, simply stamp them on.

Follow the simple ideas Kerstin-Inga shares with us or be inspired to create your own Valentine or Love Mixed Media art. ?Who ever receives your painted heart with be so excited. ?For more wonderful projects by Kerstin-Inga visit her blog and follow her on Instagram.

Happy Valentine’;s Week –; we hope you have some time for you and a little creativity!!!

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