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I like “;doable”; Holiday projects.? As much as I love a completely styled, over the top Halloween tablescape, I know that for “;real life”; stuff I need to do something that I’;ll actually “;get done”;. These Halloween Dinner ideas are from some of the “;real life”; dinners from our family over the years. The traditions have changed as our kids have gotten older, but the spirit of it all remains the same.?

I’;m amazed at how much our Halloween celebrations have changed as our kids get older. This “;older kids”; on Halloween thing is kinda new to us. I’;ve noticed that with all things the change in kids ages means the change and adaptation of some of our Holiday traditions.

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In my opinioncustomized gifts for men, kids can go trick or treating as long as they want. I love it when I see a 6 ft tall dressed up trick or treater at my door. There are so many other things they could be doing, and hanging out with their friends walking around the neighborhood?is a “;good”; thing.

One of the things we have started doing the last few years is hosting a Spooky Halloween Dinner either on Halloween night or in one of the days before Halloween.

I thought I’;d pop in here and share with you what we did for Halloween one year (I took the photos with my iPhone, just know this is not a properly “;staged and styled”; party shoot, please forgive, I didn’;t want to take time away from dinner to take “;proper photos”;).

As much planning as I have to do for my blog, I think that I sometimes run out of “;planning brain”; and end up doing things at the last minute in my “;real life”;.

We always try to do fun Holiday dinners at our house and I wanted a spooky yet fun idea for dinner that wasn’;t a mummy hot dog (we’;ve done way too many mummy hot dogs, it was time for something new.)

I have a skull cake pan and decided to use it to make some calzones for dinner. ?I put them on a bed of pasta to make them a little bit “;creepy”;. In fact, my son said it was almost “;too gross”; to eat once he cut into the skull.

You can grab the skull baking pan HERE.

To make them a bit more creepy I added a tiny fork to the skull.

Line the skulls with pre-made pizza crust. Then fill with cheese, and your favorite pizza toppings. Cover with a bit more pizza crust and bake according to the directions on the package.

We topped off dinner with some silly mock-tails complete with eyeball ice cubes. I let the kids choose their favorite soda then poured them in our mock-tail glasses and added the eyeballs.

You can Get the Eyeball Ice Cubes HERE.

I also LOVE to set our table for Halloween. I actually set the dining room table up at the beginning of October and leave it up all month long! Then we all get to enjoy our spooky dinner party even longer!

Sometimes I will use paper plates like I did this year:

To “;Dress”; them up a bit more, I placed them on some of our plain white china and added a black napkin decorated with some simple plastic vampire fangs.

I also bought some black plastic martini glasses.

In years since the dinner in this post, I’;ve purchased a set of Halloween Dishes –; crazy I know, but I’;m kinda obsessed with the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, and jumped at the chance to buy a set of actual Haunted Mansion plates!

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