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I’;m not a resolution kind of person and I have figured out why. While I like to think about all of my flaws and envision a more perfect Jacinda, I am not naturally disposed to do stuff that I don’;t want to do. Are there people who are? I think maybe. Well, all this is to say that I have found the secret to resolution success for myself. I have to pick something that I love to do! Something that makes me so happy that I stay up late at night doing it and then wake up two hours earlier than I need to the next day to get back at it. Guyscustomized gifts for men, I’;m painting again! I am painting every day and I am so happy.

Here is a selection of the quick daily paintings that I have done since January 1st. You can find them all on my Instagram page, @prudentjacinda. I’;m especially proud of my newest work, a bison study and cacti-surrounded Armadillo. Come follow along, I’;d love to hear what you think.

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Should I do more floral paintings?

More portraits of my sister’;s cat in human clothing? Weird.

More thinks that I love like plants and lobster? and cake?

More pretty pools that I find on Jaime’;s instagram and random cow skulls covered in flowers? The great thing about painting every day is that I will have time for all of it. I can’;t wait to see where this re-discovered passion will take me.

Is your New Year Resolution making you happy? If not maybe you should pick a new one. It’;s still January after all.


I have been wanting to share this monogram pillow/personalized sham tutorial with you for a while, because it's SO cute and SO easy. I have always had a weakness for monogram pillows and personalized shams. But, they usually cost a small fortune and the custom options are somewhat limited. You know what that meant for me? A challenge. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I love crafting with wood shims. They’re inexpensive and so versatile. You can buy them for a few dollars at your local home improvement store. They’re thin enough that you don’t need power tools – you can just cut them with a razor blade or craft knife.

Hello, my friend.Today I want to introduce you a pretty lady, Zoe. Zoe the Paleozoic. She is a plush logarithmic spiral with thoughtful glance and eight tentacles. I've made her using two old t-shirts I was pitifully to throw out. Surprisingly it took whole day to calculate spiral parts and make pattern, but at the end it was exactly what It should be.