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Updated: 2019-09-08 Views: 73

We have a running joke at our home that if I paint something any color besides white, it will eventually get repainted and will end up being white or some neutral color. Well, I thought I would surely never paint this cabinet any color but green. Well, I was wrong.

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It hasn’;t been that long ago that I painted the cabinet green. I loved the green but really felt like it was a bit of an outcast in the rest of our neutral colored home. So, I made a trip to Target and picked up one of the paint colors from the Joanna Gaines paint line.

I chose the color called Gatherings from the Magnolia paint line. It is a lovely neutral that has golden gray with amber and tan undertones. I love that sometimes it looks more gray than white and sometimes it looks more greige depending on the amount of light that our home gets. I went with the eggshell finish and used a brush to paint around the glass and on the door panels, I used a roller for the bigger areas to get a really smooth finish. It took two coats of paint to color over the green but I used two thin coats. I found that the paint had great coverage. I then used the clear wax to seal the cabinet since it gets used on a daily basis. The clear wax that I used was also from the Magnolia line and really left a smooth finish that is easy to wipe clean.

This cabinet now feels much more a part of our home. I simplified the items that I had on the inside of the cabinet and I love the neutral feel a lot more. What do you think? Were you a fan of the green or do you like this neutral color better?

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Gail says

April 21, 2018

I thought the green was delightful, but being a lover of neutral colorscustomized gifts for men, I just adore the new look of your cupboard!

becky j says

April 22, 2018

I must say, I loved the green…;reminded me of the woods! I just painted 3 pieces a very similar green today…;an old shelf given to me by a friend I helped move years ago, an old church pew from my childhood church and a simple peg board my great Grandfather made…;all 3 goodies are moving with us to the woods in the next few weeks…;I am so interested in following your move…;this will be the first i have moved since I left home to get married 26 years ago!! Thanks for the review of the Magnolia paints!

Michelle says

April 22, 2018

I love them both equally! The green really caught my eye, the way you had it styled with the pop of color from the cookbooks. But I must confess that I am big on neutrals, too. And have been criticized, and am notorious in my family for the lack of color in my home. ??

Gloria says

August 15, 2019

I love the white, but then I think almost everything should be white. Great job.

Maureen Irvine says

April 22, 2018

Sarah, it’;s a lovely colour and looks really well.

Michelle Ahola says

May 9, 2018

I liked the green, but I like the neutral more. We have neutrals colors in our home as well with the exception of one LOUD red piece. I see paint in its’; future!

Karen says

August 15, 2019

Love the new look, was wondering about JG, Magnolia paint line.

I was wondering did ya or were not looking to polish out the hinges, hardware?I have polished out vintagehinges, hardware, door knobsin this old Fsrmhouse, it isSooooooo Intense, but end result, Beautifullll.Love ya Cabinet

Kathy says

August 15, 2019

Thank you, SO much, for sharing your painting techniques, using a brush for certain areas, and a roller for other areas. That helps me a lot! I have a farmhouse style kitchen cart (on wheels) that needs refreshed with paint, and your tips will help, immensely. Thanks, too, for mentioning about using a wax over top of the paint. Can you please share a little more info, with me, about the wax product, how you applied it, etc. you got it at Target, also? Thank you, Sarah.

rockyhedgefarm_admin says

August 15, 2019

I actually no longer use wax. I have found that matte polyurethane is much better. If you go to one of my more recent posts about painting the dining room chairs, I share the process there. I am so thankful you found this article helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

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