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Materials Used

In Addition to the full project on Kim’;s Blog, she also created a video for this!?

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Next Up are Jennifer Hottinger Sloan’;s Fun Birthday Cards! These are so bright and cheery. Birthday People all over will?want these cards. To make them Jennifer used some left over scrap materialscustomized gifts for men, Canvas Corp papers, small paper bag and white waxed cord, along with other fun supplies.

Terry over at These Peas Taste Funny has tagged me in a bloggy version of tag. ?So since I’m it, you’re going to learn a little about me today. :)

The best gift to give your sister is love, but make-up is?a close runner-up.?If the tradition of celebrating Rakhi is n years old, then the practice of calling your sister ugly is n 1 years old. Building on that, a girl’s love and affection for makeup are n 2 years old! However, as clueless as the girls are about the new Harley Davidson bike, their brothers are equally unaware of the latest makeup trends.

Sew? Quilt? Crochet? They will happily take them.