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Update: I originally wrote How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies back in 2013. I am still using this non-toxic method for getting rid of those pesky insects now in 2017. Making your own homemade fruit fly trap is easy and inexpensive! It will also save your sanity!

Every year, starting in the late summer months, I start to notice them and even though there are many other methods, this is one of my tried and true ways that works every time for getting rid of fruit flies.

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I have also been known to just fill a small dish with apple cider vinegarcustomized gifts for men, and a drop of dish soap. I dip my finger in and run and run it along the edge of the dish to make it extra sticky.?

I’;ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen lately making Apple Cakes, Dog treats and Pumpkin Brownies and it’;s happening. Fruit Flies have invaded my kitchen and I must stay calm.

The saving grace is at least they don’;t bite. Every year, I Google How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies and every year, I end up doing my tried and true method. ?It’;s not pretty, but it’;s pretty effective and it doesn’;t take any fancy supplies. I have found that if I use the good apple cider vinegar, like Braggs?or Trader Joes, the ones with the “;mother”;, it tends to work even better. The “;mother”; is the unfiltered sediment…;…;so look for the unfiltered ACV.

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You don’;t need a full bottle. I hate using a new bottle and prefer to use one that’;s almost gone. Fruit flies don’;t drink much. (If you only have a full bottle, use a glass like my friend Stephanie did for her fruit fly trap. Or this?chemical free fruit fly trap).

This is only after 10 minutes!

Now I suppose I could keep all my fruit in the fridge…;…;…;.but come on…;…;.banana’;s do not like being in the fridge.

Now you know how to get rid of fruit flies the easy way!

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Welcome to day two of the #WonderlandHOP ! To celebrate the release of my Wonderland Fabric line with Riley Blake designs I’ve lined up some of my very favorite bloggers to share with you some great sewing tutorials using Wonderland! I think you guys will all be amazed by the talent of these wonderful ladies, and I hope to introduce you to some great blogs that you may or may not have encountered before.

Do you guys want to know what breaks my heart?

My daughter is a big time elephant lover and her favorite colors are pink and blue. Although she has many elephant stuffed animal, I couldn't quite find one with her favorite colors. So I made these for her. This is a felt elephant whose legs and tails can be moved! My tutorials include lots of illustrations start to finish. It is easier than you think! Finished height of the doll is 7.75". The boy elephant wears a necktie simply made of ribbon, and the girl elephant wears a ribbon and a tutu. I included an instruction on how to make this adorable tutu. Would you make them for nursery decor or for gift for any elephant fan?