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There are often a lot of questions about what type of flooring you can lay in a mobile home. We wanted to upgrade our home and after talking with a hardwood flooring company, we chose to install hardwood floors in our home.

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We chose to use 2 1/4 inch white oak hardwood flooring. I originally wanted wide plank boards but was advised that they may not last as long and may have more issues with buckling and warping over time. We also chose to go with # 3-grade hardwood. They are cheaper than the #1 or #2 grade and I wanted the more rustic feel with the knots and holes showing.

When we moved into our mobile home, there was carpet in almost every room. We ripped out the carpet before we moved in because the previous tenants had animals, and the carpets were beyond saving.

These are the steps that we took when laying our hardwood flooring.

We purchased our hardwood flooring and allowed in to sit in the house for approximately two weeks before we installed it. This was so that the boards could acclimate to the new environment they would be placed in.

Before laying any hardwood, we placed a moisture barrier paper down.

Then, we got busy installing the hardwood floors. We left a very small gap between the wall and the boards and used a floor nailing gun to lay the boards.

Mobile homes have a marriage line where the two sides of the house meet. We didn’t lay hardwoods across the marriage line because there is more of chance that the boards could warp or bow in that area. Instead, we will be using a piece that is designed to go between two floors in order to fill the small space around the marriage line.

Our hardwood flooring was purchased from a local company called Vermillion Hardwood Flooring out of Springfield Missouri

Michele says

April 18, 2017

Wow!! Everything is SO beautiful!! I can’;t wait to see things as they progress. ??

Sarah Blankenship says

May 3, 2017

Thank you!

Loretta DeSpain says

April 21, 2017

Your home is beautiful. The transformation is just breathtaking.

Sarah Blankenship says

May 3, 2017

Thank you so much!

Tammy says

February 4, 2018

I love the finish on the floor…;not too dark, nor too light.. It will be easy to keep clean and won’;t show a lot of dust…;perfect!

Kate Patterson says

April 10, 2019

What product did you use along the marriage line?

Judy says

April 25, 2019

The floor looks great. Could you please post a pick of the marriage line ?

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