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Our White Dragon Matcha is very close to my heart. Scott (the owner and founder of Sun Potion) and I sourced this particular Matcha on a trip to Japan in Spring 2016. We went on the trip for two reasons - to attend a wedding and to find the best matcha in the world. During the trip we connected with the regenerative agriculture community around Kyoto to begin the sourcing process. We developed a relationship with the local farms and matcha purveyors and tasted dozens of varietals - this was the one we loved the most. Naturally... it was also the most expensive (sigh). The reason being, the amount of care that goes into the whole process. The farm we source from is nestled in the forests in Nara - the matcha is grown in harmony with its surrounding environment - the soil is interfered with as little as possible to maintain its inherent properties and mineral profile. The youngest leaf buds are harvested tenderly - by hand - the overall result being a much smaller, time-consuming harvest where the transmission of the soil and forest can be experienced in the tea. The time when we were sourcing the matcha was also a significant personal and spiritual moment for us. One day, we went on a pilgrimage of sorts to a mountain shrine called "God Dragon" with our newlywed friends. We hiked for several hours until we reached the temple at the summit... there were these gorgeous largecustomized gifts for men, white and gold butterflies that fluttered around us the climb.... it was a sublimely magical, multidimensional journey. In my imagination, the butterflies were really these white and gold dragons... guiding us to the shrine. Hence the name "White Dragon Matcha". The Matcha we made during the shoot is my go to adaptogenic, mood-elevating, energizing, whole system harmonizing Activated Matcha! ACTIVATED MATCHA My daily jam for nourishing mood, beauty, immunity, creativity, and sustained energy! Serves 2 Ingredients 1 tsp White Dragon Matcha 1 tsp Pine Pollen 1/2 tsp Reishi Mushroom 1/2 tsp Cordyceps Mushroom 1/2 tsp Ashitaba 4 oz. Hot Water 4 Oz. Coconut Cream 12oz Sprouted Homemade Macadamia Nut Milk 1 tbs Raw Wildflower Honey Method Add all ingredients to a high speed blender - blend on med/ high for 45 seconds. Pour into favorite mug, finish with a pinch of Matcha on top for color, serve and share with Love.In Joy!

Okay, so it’s a?range for our?home, but I’m so excited I can’t stop singing. After two and a half years of dreaming, planning, panicking and questioning if I have the patience, we’re finally embarking on our kitchen remodel.

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It can often be incredibly difficult to come up with a unique and interesting design for your home. After all, while there is nothing wrong with crème walls and beige carpets, sometimes you are just looking for something a bit more interesting! As such more and more of us are turning to themes for our homes. This month we will be looking at a range of themes inspired by different countries around the globe.

The word “binding” means to secure or hold together. Binding the raw edges of a sewing project with bias strips of fabric is a good way to cover the edge and add a durable finish. Let’s take a look at the most popular ways to finish sewing projects with binding 3 ways!