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Here is a super fast sweet treat for the 4th of July as part of Prudent Baby’;s Summer of Fanciful Treats: Sponsored by Bake it Pretty Click here to get the details on these festive 4th of July Jelly Bean Pods.

What you need:Parchment paper (you could also get creative and use printed paper with a special message)Sewing machine and complimentary threadking shearsJelly Beans! They’;re so much more then a potty-training bribe! These are from the bulk bins at Target. $7.99/lb eek! But you don’;t need alot, only 20 beans per pod.

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What to do:

1. Cut 1 piece of parchment paper for each pod. 3″;x6″;

2. Fold in half to make a 3″;x3″; square and straight stitch up side with a 3/8″; seam.

3. Trim seam with pinking shears.

4. Open up fold and flatten with seam down centercustomized gifts for men, with pink-ed edge to one side.

5. Turn and sew along bottom with 3/8″; seam.

6. Open up the little pocket you’;ve created and fill with approx 20 Jelly Beans. You don’;t want to overfill.

7. ch the top closed in the opposite direction of the bottom seam and sew closed. Notice how I have the pod positioned to avoid the sewing machine mechanics.

8. Trim the top and bottom with pinking shears.

9. Repeat all steps for each pod.

10. Eat all excess Jelly Beans

11. Store in an adorable container. I used this little pail from Target but Jelly Bean Pods would be oh so cute for any occasion in one of these adorable mini suitcases from Bake it Pretty. So sweet…; and portable to take to a party!

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