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In your endeavour to have a perfect home, you should aim at having the perfect window dressing. Windows are central to your home and the right window dressing will not only give it a complete but a well-defined look. So, whether home revamping or making a new home is in progress, you should give due consideration to the windows and have them designed to perfection. The window curtains will set the feel and tone of your room. So, you need to consider the aesthetics, the room use and location, and accordingly decide the fabric, pattern and colour of window dressing.

Among the different, modern window treatments ideas, curtains are the most preferred. You will find curtains covering windows in almost every house. This makes it important that if you plan to put curtains to play in your homecustomized gifts for men, you choose it aesthetically right. It should enhance the grace of your room and beautify the windows. Within curtains, there is a lot of variety and you should choose one carefully for your room. Here are some window covering ideas, which you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect curtains for your windows.

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1. Sheer &; Blackout Curtain: With options aplenty in sheer and blackout form of curtains, you can either think of blending both in the window or decide as per room use. Sheers definitely add grace to the room and change its very look and feel. So, if you want that soft play of sunlight in your room, then sheer curtains are the perfect addition. They add colour, texture to the room while filtering sunlight giving a soft and light feel. But, if insulation and privacy are equally important, then blackout curtains are your best bet. You can partner sheer and blackout curtains in vivid colours and patterns, and give a completely different look to the room.

2. Light or Dark, Patterned Curtains: Once you decide the type of curtain you want in the room, you should start exploring the patterns and colours, which will look the best. When deciding the colour and pattern, think of the living room curtains as the wallpaper of your room. It should blend perfectly with the room furnishing and wall paint. If the room houses furnishings in dark hue, then explore curtains in light fabric and colour and vice versa. Otherwise, the whole room will look too full and dark. The furnishings in the room should have a balancing role to play. So, go for a blend of soft and dark to give it a balanced effect.

3. Polyester Fabric Curtain: When it comes to choosing the curtain fabric, if a room gets a lot of sunlight, then give synthetics or polyester blend a preference. Polyester fabric has come a long way in window curtains as they look beautiful, don’t fade easily, unlike linen or cotton and are easy to maintain. You can easily clean and maintain the curtains at home. While choosing the curtains for your home, you need to consider the maintenance part, as well.

4. Length &; Curtain Style: This definitely plays an important role in giving the right look and feel to the room. Whatever style you choose, keep into consideration the room look and other practicalities. For a casual feel, opt for simple waves in the curtains, but for that minimal effect opt for inverted pleats and French ones or pinch pleat curtains for the formal effect. Besides, you need to hang your curtains right too. You should hang them from the ceiling to the floor as they can give the effect of more height and space.

5. The Curtain Hardware: Along with the right curtains, the hardware, including the curtain rods, rings and finials should be well matched to achieve that perfect window dressing. After all, it’s all about the details. So, ensure that the hardware goes well with the curtains.

Use these tips and ideas to have the perfect window dressing for your home. If you are looking for easy to maintain and stylish curtains, which can give your home a distinct look and feel, then start browsing our latest launch of curtain online, here. At Deco Window, we design curtains for modern homes, which are striking and easy on maintenance. Along with curtains, the hardware is also well-designed and you can buy the complete set to achieve that synchronized look. To explore our curtain hardware collection, click here and have your windows designed to perfection.

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