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customized gifts for men customized rustic pillow covers How to Narrow Wide Webbing to Fit Smaller Hardware
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The stars do not always align. The square peg does not fit the round hole. Sometimes the perfect webbing or strapping you’ve selected for a shoulder bag or similar project is simply too dang wide for the D-ring or Swivel Hook you really want/need to use. Try this quick trick to bring your wide webbing down to size.

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By folding your too-wide strap into a pretty point then wrapping that fold with a thinner ribbon or webbing, you get a double benefit: 1) your webbing has been reduced and will now work with the ring or hook you want to usecustomized gifts for men, and 2) you’ve added a great accent to an otherwise plain and boring ol’ length of webbing.

Bear in mind that this clever trick works only on straps that are cut to length. It won’t work for an adjustable strap since you need one raw end of the strap to run through both a ring and a slider – so that raw end must be the same width as the opening of the ring and slider. For more about making an adjustable strap, check out our full step-by-step tutorial.?

We show you the easy narrowing steps for both cotton and poly webbing. The only difference is how you need to finish the raw ends.

Source:Healthy Home 2008, Spring 2008

What’s more important than the gift itself? The packaging! Altered wooden boxes with paint from Tattered Angels and fabric from Canvas Corp can definitely make a perfect gift packaging to impress?and make sure that the?recipient?will keep it to decorate a corner of the house.