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Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment is?a series of books –;?with a companion website –;?about intriguing materials for building and designing.?Browsing spurs endless ideas and imaginings of what you could do with some of the more accessible materials like…;

Paper Softwall, ?lightweight, freestanding honeycombed paperwalls that can be arranged in almost any shape to make instant room dividers and walls…;(imagine an instant “;clear”; space for meditating, or just plain thinking…;

waterproof outdoor pillow covers

or?Bendywoodcustomized gifts for men, solid hardwood that can be easily bent while cold and dry into curves and sculptural shapes…;

…;or for concrete-o-philes,?Concrete Canvas Shelter, a rapidly deployable hardened shelter made from a cement-impregnated fabric that is moistened with water before being inflated by a battery-driven fan…;

or?Greenscreen, a landscape trellis system for fencing or freestanding enclosures that can become a “;living wall”; when combined with climbing vines…;(think of the verdant rooms you could create…;)

“;Each tile forms a pixel that responds to a moving shadow being cast upon it, mapping a physical pathway with an inverted, illuminating shadow. Light trails linger as one moves through space, providing localized and personal illumination.”;


Although I’;m not sure how it works, it sets my imagination burning…;

What would you do with these materials?

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