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Our catalog is chock full of products, color palettes, ideas and inspiration, so it’;s no surprise if you miss a few fun details as you’;re paging through. There are just so many things to look at and so many spaces to absorb! But, with each catalog, we try to incorporate ideas for your home and fun ways to bring new life into your space. Here are a few details you may have missed from our Fall catalog that we think are worth taking another look at!

We absolutely loved this gorgeous moment! If you have a large expanse of wall in your bedroom, and you just aren’;t sure what to do with itunique gifts for men, create a focal point by hanging a large collection of prints. Then, anchor the grouping with a bench. We’;ve done just that with our Morris Seabird Whitewash Framed Prints. Underneath, we placed our Justine Bench in a go-with-everything, Everyday Natural Linen.

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If you have a small home or a super narrow living room, you may need a skinny coffee table that accommodates your space. Our Grayson Coffee Table is a perfect fit. It’;s only 17 inches deep and comes in either Rubbed Bronze or Antique Copper.

Rather than taking the safe route, put a bright color or bold pattern on an upholstered bench at the end of the bed. Here, we chose our Simone Bench in Garrison Linen Spice.

If you read magazines and style blogs, you may have been told that you need the most perfectly curated grouping of items on your nightstand, but frankly, we beg to differ. It’;s better to keep your bedside table free of trinkets and dust collectors! We simple have a lamp (a must!), fresh flowers, and petite alarm clock, and whatever book we’;re reading. In this spot of the house, less is more.

This was one of our favorite rooms in this seasons catalogs. Our Coventry Storage Bench fits perfectly between two tall bookcases, and we love the way the blue bookcase interior works with the super dark, navy walls. Very chic and unexpected!

We think it’;s especially important to have a cozy, snuggle-worthy bed during the cool Fall months. After wall,your bed is never more comfortable than when it’;s chilly out! One way we like to bring extra fluff to the bed is with throw pillows. We loved the way Suzanne Kasler’;s Linen &; Burlap Throw Pillow worked with our Quilted Jardin Toile Bedding and our Gwyneth Buffalo Check Bedding.

The simplest way to bring fall color into your home? Cut a few branches from a maple tree whose leaves have turned. You get that rusty orange hue without having to spend a dime!

We love the way this coffee table used only a few accessories on the coffee table, and they’;re all in the same color. This keeps the table from feeling cluttered or styled for the sake of style (rather than function).

As you’;re tidying up around the house, remember that everything doesn’;t have to be just so. Casually draping your colorful, new throw blanket (we’;re partial to our Autumn Oversize Plaid Throw) across the back of the house makes your living room seem much more inviting. This fall, embrace those deliciously imperfect spaces in the home that allow you to unwind and relax.

For more design inspiration,visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in ourPhoto Gallery.

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