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The only thing that should ever feel tired in your bedroom is you- not the decor. Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to cost the earth, just keep it simple and put all your efforts into the star attraction. A well presented bed, a few table lamps, some ready made curtains and a tidy space is really all that’s required to create some boudoir bliss so before you go reaching for the paint pots or lugging the wallpapering table down from the attic, why not just start with some new linens?

Fresh new linens are really inexpensive yet surprisingly effective way of keeping up a clean and breezy feel in your bedroom. As long as your back drop is fairly neutralunique gifts for men, you can use your bed linen to create any type of mood or ambience. With the help of a few candles, a racy red or lacy plum bedspread will create a really romantic setting. Blue or white will make for a tranquil hideaway, whereas citrus colours such as lemon and lime will inject some summer zest.

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Whatever bed linen you choose, you will want to keep it looking fresh and in good condition- the faded bobbled look is so last century! You can do this by following a few simple care guidelines. Firstly, remember to read the care labels before you buy. Find out what it is going to take to keep sheets, quilts, and pillows in top condition. You may have second thoughts about your choice when you realize it is dry clean only. Also if possible, you should buy an extra set of bottom sheets as they need changing much more regularly.

Changing bedding weekly is the best way to keep bed fresh and comfortable, and to protect your linens from excessive wear. Pillowcases may need to be changed twice a week. Your duvet will probably only need to be laundered monthly. Sheets and pillowcases should be washed in cool water with less detergent than a regular load in order to avoid colours running or fading.

For duvets, be sure to follow the care instructions. Most home washing machines are not big enough to wash anything bigger than a single duvet so you may need to make the trip to the laundrette- just remember to keep your pants on should Marvin Gaye’s grapevine find its way onto the radios play-list.

It’s important that you don’t over dry your linen. Take out bed linens as soon as they are dry and fold them immediately to avoid wrinkling. If sheets are wrinkled, try throwing a wet sock or washcloth back into the dryer for 10 more minutes then giving them a quick iron whilst they are still damp.

Show no favouritism with your linens! Rotate them to promote even wear. The set that comes off your bed should go back in the linen closet and a new set should go on. This will insure that your linens are evenly worn.

If you treat your bedding with a little care and attention it will reward you with a comfortable nights sleep, night after night for many years, saying that- after so much work you will probably deserve it!

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