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There’s nothing better at the end of a long day than getting cosy between the bed sheets, where the pillows are in place and everything’s pretty much perfect or is it? Taking a step back the flat sheet’s un-tuckedunique gifts for men, valance is creased and the poor duvets all out of sorts so sometimes the bed’s we make at home might not quite cut it to hotel standard.

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However although our bed making prowess might not be quite as classy as the Ritz, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same look with some practice. So here are 10 tips to help you boost your bed making etiquette and achieve a perfectly made bed for a cosy night’s sleep.

If you have been looking for a comfortable and innovative way to keep your family toasty this upcoming winter, floor warming probably looks like an exciting option. After all, wouldn’t you rather walk around on luxuriously warm floors in your bare feet than tiptoe across freezing cold tiles just to get into the shower? Some homeowners, however, are worried about how safe this sort of heating is and are hesitant to install it in their home.

With autumn here, I am enjoying the subtle changes that come with the season. Seeing the bounty of beauty with the leaves changing, pumpkins, squashes, persimmons and pomegranates makes me so happy. I also can appreciate the gradual slowing down that comes with the sun setting earlier. A feeling of wanting to get cozy with loved ones at home. With this grounding energy though, there also comes the series of events and activities that come with the Holidays. With the busy time ahead, we can do certain things to insure we feel calm and balanced. I have put together some tips that I try and follow over the holidays, so I hope they may help you too stay peaceful and calm during this time.

Okay, FINALLY.? The last little costume in our Wizard of Oz theme this year is complete.? And in case you missed the others, there’s a Dorothy costume, a Glinda the Good Witch costume, and a Tin Man costume.