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unique gifts for men Before & After Ikat Footstool DIY funny cushion covers
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Hey dirty old “;before”; stool. You aren’;t that bad except you’;re filthy and your paint is chipped. Let’;s be friends:

sofa cushion covers

Some of our favorite spaces exemplify what founding editor of Domino Magazine, Deborah Needleman, describes as the perfectly imperfect home — one that’s both lived in and loved. So much of achieving thatlook comes down to striking the right balance in your decorunique gifts for men, from the shape and scale of your furniture to the color palette to the amount of light sources in the room.

In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, I shared my version of a Dorothy Costume.? And yes, Chloe is in ABSOLUTE LOVE!? (And takes her role very seriously…)

The other day Jaime’s SIL, Stevee told us about their family tradition of leaving small bouquets on their neighbors’ doorsteps for May Day (May 1st). I never had this tradition growing up, but I love it so much that I think I will adopt it now.