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Updated: 2020-03-06 Views: 82

Today we are sharing?some super simple?Polka Dot Envelopes. These are quick, fun and slightly addicting to make. Once you start polka dotting you’;re not going to want to stop.

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Hello everyone…; the girls from eighteen25 here today and we are so excited to be back for Project Polka Dot. This is such a fun series…; there have already been some great ideas shared and we can’;t wait to see what’;s still?to come!!

? Envelopes

? Round Sponge Brush

? Acrylic Paint –; we used Whispering Turquoiseunique gifts for men, Pink Cadillac and Banana Cream

There’;s really not much to the instructions. Dab your brush in some paint and polka dot away. Once one side has completely dried…; flip?the envelope?over and polka dot the back.

Then the best part. Write someone?a little letter or note and send it off to make someone’;s day! We all know how fun it is to get something besides bills in the mailbox.

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