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Mira Keras

Arriving at a Halloween party in full costume when no one else is is kind of a drag…;as is NOT wearing a costume when everyone else is (downer). How to dress for a Halloween party you aren’t sure if people are going to be in costume or not? Mira Keras found?inspiration in member of the Adams Family:

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Cousin ITA quick comb-over and a pair of glasses does the trick. It’s very hard to see in but also very hilarious.

WednesdayA simple black sweater dress over a white collared shirt goes a long way. Throw in a middle part… and maybe you’re just a cool downtown girl or maybe you have the perfect look for the angsty midweek heroine.

GomezGuys, dress up in your toniest suitunique gifts for men, especially one with pin stripes and a bow tie. Slick your hair back. A fake mustache and a cigar go a long way. If you arrive and all guests are in street clothes, ditch the ‘;stache and party away in a totally normal looking suit.

When seeking out a present for your beloved, something unique is always a sensible choice. This personalized gifts for wife list contains a range of keepsakes, as well as practical gifts, that can all be customized to include her name, a message, or a design that will touch her heart.

BoingBoing recently posted a compelling video (below or?link here)?of a toupeed fellow named Augustus Gladstone giving a tour of the room he lives in in an abandoned hotel, in some unnamed city. Gladstone’s apartment is an eccentric, strangely homey place decorated with what appears to be mostly found stuff and collections of bric-a-brac. There’s some question as to the authenticity of the video but no matter. It’s really interesting either way.

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