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unique gifts for men Interior Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms using Green funny cushion covers
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Many children are embracing the 'green' trend and what better way to accommodate their wishes than give them a green bedroom. Bright, zesty greens will bring a fresh look to a child's bedroom, while a gentle apple green offers a superbly calming colour which can be teamed with white and blues. For boys spots and stripes, as well as plain green duvet cover sets always go down well; for girls you can also include touches of bright floral patterns to give the room a more feminine edge.

Twin beds are ideal when the room is shared with siblings or would also be perfect for sleep-overs. To make the room feel and look airy and light use off-white or soft creams for the walls and the flooring. Green rugs can be used to take away the somewhat hostile and clinical look of a plain cream or beige floor. They're also provide a softer area for playing or sittingunique gifts for men, than a bare floor.

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For large children's bedrooms full length curtains make a perfect window dressing, these can be coordinated with blackout roller blinds, which can be especially useful if the bedroom window faces either east or west, (as the setting sun can pose a problem during the summer, while rising sun could mean that your child is awake at the crack of dawn!) as well as helping younger children to take afternoon nap. Childrens curtains are a good way to include a theme or pattern to compliment plain green bedding. In large bedrooms storage, by way of large fitted wardrobes, will provide plenty of room for clothes and toys.

Under-bed storage options are also worth consideration for smaller bedrooms – open shelving should also be included to display books and your child's most treasured objects. Personal space is also required when bedrooms are shared; a screen is an informal, yet practical method of dividing a room.

Alternatively you could consider using sage green curtains as a divider; simply using a curtain poles with additional curtain pole brackets to prevent the pole from bending if it's being used over the entire width of a large bedroom. Funky curtains or lightweight voiles will give sufficient privacy to enable each part of the bedroom to feel separated. Rugs could also be used as an invisible, yet palpable room divider. Your children may not like sharing a room, unless it's with friends – by giving them distinctive areas will make the process far easier.

The Tour de France result was decided today and for the first time ever a British rider, Bradley Wiggins, won the race. Wiggins rides for Team Sky, which was set up in 2010 with the aim of winning the Tour de France with a British rider by 2013. At the time I thought this was completely unrealistic but, incredibly, they have achieved in. In support of Wiggins and Team Sky (and because I thought they’d look cute) I made some tiny yellow jerseys, or mini maillot jaune.So do you want to make a mini Maillot Jaune for your own budding cyclist? I used the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae as a starting point and made a few adjustments to get a cycling jersey. The changes include adding elasticated pockets on the back, a full length zip on the front, elasticated waistband and sleeves and adding a collar in the same material as the T-shirt. Rae just released it in sizes 6-14 too so you could make it for older children as well.I originally wrote the instructions for this here on my blog Craftstorming. Sky also gained a new sponsor :)

The New Year's celebration is a time for dreaming of a happy and prosperous future. Glitter and sparkle are common among decorations but can become stagnant without the right planning and design. This year, surprise your guests with a new twist on the razzle-dazzle of welcoming in the new year by using a variety of ideas from home and abroad.