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A new baby is a stressful time for parents. Undoubtedly they want the best of everything in the nursery. Luxury living holds no bounds, neither does the amount of money they lavish on decorating the nursery and filling it with the best money can buy in terms of furniture and furnishings! ?

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Fir for any prince or princess this nursery has the very best money can buy. ?

A slightly more modern approach, this nursery is packed full of every conceivable item a parent and baby could want. The little clouds on the ceiling are cute!? ?

The contemporary design of this luxury nursery oozes chic style. ?

A more classical approach in neutral tones has a distinctive classy look about it.

Luxury doesn't necessarily mean masses of lace and fancy frills. Subtly speaks volumes too.? ?

If it's frills and opulence you want then go for full length drapes that cascade onto the floorunique gifts for men, along with a co-ordinating princess canopy over the cot, fancy bows and tea-sets on little tables that are purely for show, not to be played with. ?

Pretty in pink, a modern take on a luxury nursery gives this a designer look that some will find most appealing. ?

Luxury Home Design Interior

Dark walls give an unusual backdrop for the white cot and furnishings. ?

Vintage style remains on-trend and is a way to lavish old-fashioned finery into a nursery. ?

While bright yellow isn't a great colour choice for nurseries, it can make babies cry apparently, this mellow tone looks stunning with white. ?

Consistently throughout our planning process, I tried to scour Craigslist on a regular basis. For the most part this didn't work out for me too well, because I tend to exhaustively research to feel that I've found the “best deal.” By that time, typically the item listed is already gone. I did luck out in one VERY budget-savvy way… Our cupcake stand!

Most wouldn’t think of wine country for a baby moon, but after spending 5 days there last week, I have to say, it was simply perfection! You may recall that we visited Napa and Sonoma?less than two years ago, which is partially why I chose it. Chris really didn’t want to leave the country and as a fair complected redhead, sit on a beach. Knowing it was our last getaway without children for a while, I wanted to go somewhere that we wouldn’t take the kids. Another must? Romantic. Wine country is nothing but! Picturesque views, lush accommodations, a plethora of spas and great dining make it the perfect destination.We started our trip with a couple of stops in Santa Rosa on our way to the charming city of Calistoga where we were staying. Our cottage at Cottage Grove exceeded our expectations. I was hoping for cute and quaint, but we got so much more! The photos just don’t do it justice. We were greeted with fresh fruit, an array of cheeses, crackers and wine {and water} upon our arrival in our cottage. On the front porch and at our fireplace was everything we needed to start a fire. A perfect beginning to a relaxing baby moon.

There are few things I love more than being organised in the home and writing lists is an everyday activity for me! I know that some of you just don't have time or the information to write lists - which is why we have come to the rescue. Room by room essentials for every room in the home.