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As we ramp up to the holidays, a lot of people we know are scrambling to pull their spaces together in preparation for big crowd of family and friends. We take a cue from the unexpectedly chill interiors of this 12th Century chateau in France that Isabelle Dubois-Dumee and Hubert Bettan of the interiors brand?Les Petites Emplettes?have been gradually restoring.

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Perhaps restoring isn’;t quite the right word: more like stripping down. We love the low sofa, created with bleachy ripped cotton fabric or drop clothsunique gifts for men, and a bunch of pillows. That rug may well be a drop cloth.

Got some chairs you’;re not so crazy about? Drape a cloth around?them.

We love the stacks of books and magazines, another inviting?cloth-covered sofa, the mismatched chairs at the dining table, at top, and the string lights that add illumination in a dark corner or wherever you need it.

The feeling is loose, easy comfort…;just we we need.

Via Remodelista; photography via?Chateau de Dirac.

Indeed, it is a mess but a gorgeous one! It is such alluring chaos, that you cannot escape its facade. Such is the charm of love that it makes you feel like a kid running in green meadows on a sunny day, flying its kite; it makes you feel that life is worthwhile. If it is so beautiful, then why it is a mess? Because it masquerades itself in many forms. Not always it comes out unswerving and shows its true face. It hides in a million emotions where you have to find it. It might love to play hide and seek, but, it is always there, waiting for you to recognise it. There are not one but numerous situations to illustrate it.

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