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Happy Tuesday, my DIY friends.? Cutting Edge Stencils is always sharing how you can use stencils to recreate your favorite designer home decor pieces.? Maybe you look at these ideas and think they’;re awesome but don’;t believe the average person can actually accomplish it.? The answer is anybody can.? And to prove that, we have an awesome DIY project.? Come take a look.

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We’;d like to introduce Tori,the blogger behind Wear Wag Repeat. She has a passion for fashion, pupsunique gifts for men, and awesome DIY projects.? Don’;t we both! OK, back to Tori.? She purchased a dresser at a neighborhood yard sale for $50.? It was pretty banged up and the dark wood had purple sparkle nail polish across the top.?? Once she had it in her possession, she started looking on Pinerest for some makeover ideas.? Then she discovered our Indian Inlay Stencil Kit.? Tori said, “;Then all the Pinterest stars aligned at once and I found the perfect stencil kit and the perfect inspiration photo!”;

WOWZA! The image on the left was Tori’;s inspiration and the image on the right is her stenciled dresser.? She did a fantastic job, didn’;t she.

Tori sanded off the old finish until it was smooth and primed the wood using?Kilz Latex Primer.? Then she painted it Benjamin Moore’;s kendall charcoal.? After the paint was dry, Tori was ready to start stenciling. ? She positioned the stencil on the side of the dresser and used a bit of blue painters tape to hold it in place.

If you’;re trying to recreate this, pour your paint onto a plate or paint tray.?? Tori used Sherwin Williams Snowbound for the pattern.? Dip your stencil brush into the paint.? Brush off the excess paint onto your folded paper towel until the brush looks almost dry. The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.? Next you will paint the design onto the dresser with the stencil brush.? Once the pattern is complete, you’;ll need to reposition the stencil to complete the design.? Simply pick up the stencil, align it, and continue painting the pattern.

Once the stencil was complete, Tori added decorative knobs from Anthropologie and a lamp from TJ Maxx.? Presto chango, bet you would never guess this was an old dresser from a yard sale!

Tori had this to say about her stencil project, “;I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It was so easy to use and it turned out beautifully!”;

Here is a close up of her gorgeous stencil.

Lucy seems to love the stenciled piece.

Looking for more stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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