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Family is everything to teenage sweethearts, Tarak and Ami Mekni, and with five children they certainly have their hands full! This doesn’t mean they’;ve compromised on interior styleunique gifts for men, using a prominent theme of pink and white in their home which gives the space a bright and light feel (much to Tarak’s bemusement). Here is a sneak peek into their home, with helpful styling tips on the way – to help you achieve their softly shaded but highly functional family space.

The Meknis’; living room is the centre of their home –; a place where life happens and they feel most at home. Their sofa is the hub of the room and the key factor behind choosing their sofa was that they all had to fit on it – success!

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Tip: Throws amp-up the cosy factor on sofas and they’re also a stylish way to protect the sofa from sticky fingers.?

Ami loves cushions, with pattern and texture being absolutely crucial for her family, due?to the five pairs of potentially sticky hands! Ami has used white and grey cushions to complement the pink perfectly and add depth to the colour palette.

With five young children, storing all of their bits and bobs can be tricky. The Meknis have utilised their storage space with the Lucy Cane Storage Bench, which Tarik describes as being “full of life” as it houses all of the kids’ toys.

Tip: Benches are a great way to store anything, they can also double up as a comfortable seat so are perfect for hallways.

Yet another study has linked ADHD to chemicals – this time it’s the group of pesticides known as organophosphates. Organophosphates are commonly used on cotton crops, which is why we use only organic cotton in our baby crib mattresses.

I love planning out fun DIY projects with my teens.? A few weeks ago I got the idea to customize Converse Chuck Taylors with fabric. My kids and I planned out the best way to cover the shoes with fabric, bought the supplies then tested out our little DIY Converse experiment. I absolutely?love how these custom shoes turned out!? I think I’m keeping them for myself. If you’d like to learn how to DIY your shoes as well, just keep reading below!

One of the questions our Design Solutions’ team gets all the time is, “How do I fill the blank space on my wall?” Sometimes?it’s the top of a stair landing, sometimes it’s the wall of a bedroom, and many, many times, it’s the wall space over the sofa! Considering all the questions,?we figured we’d tackle this question on How to Decorate!?Here are 10 ways you can fill that big expanse of wall over your sofa to create an impactful focal point.