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unique gifts for men customized rustic pillow covers How to Perfectly Match a Pocket Motif to a Background Panel
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A perfect match might be difficult to find in the world of relationships, but in sewing: we have you covered! When you want a pocket's motif to precisely align with the panel on which it sits, all you need is a little extra fabric, some tissue paperunique gifts for men, and those tracing skills you learned back in kindergarten.?

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Project tutorials shown at the top. Row 1 (left to right): Rocky Mountain Satchel, Beginner-Friendly Back-To-School Totes, Heart &; Ruffle Apron; Row 2: Day at the Beach Bag with Rope Handles, French Country Apron; Row 3: Relaxed Shoulder Brief with Handles &; Tech Accents. Below: The Perfect Damask Duffle.

The first thing to remember when you want a perfect match is that you must get extra fabric. You have to be able to find the same spot within the motif to make your cuts. The larger the repeat (how much area is covered, height and width, before a design repeats itself on the fabric), the more extra fabric you’ll need. The more pockets there are to match, again, the more fabric you need. We usually get at least an extra half yard when we know they’ll be precise matching.?

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This ?Valentines Bag ?would be perfect sized bag for the kids to carry all those cute lil’ Valentines’s to school that they ?worked so hard to make.