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photo: sally schneider

Good lighting is essential to making any space come alive, ESPECIALLY one suffering from disorder, as ours has during our recent move of lock-stock-and-many barrels. The solution was Lunetteunique gifts for men, lighting designers?David Weeks’; and Lindsey Adelman’;s inexpensive clip-on lamp shade we bought and blogged about a couple of years ago, but never had occasion to use. We bought two more in advance of the move and found them a perfect INSTANT solution to bare bulbs and unresolved lighting fixtures. It’;s soft form is somehow perfect with our sculptural 50’;s Atomic base which has lost its original globe, as well as the?inexpensive porcelain pull-chain socket?“;thrown up”; as a temporary placeholder for a sconce.

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photo: sally schneider

We’;re also using one to disguise a homely ceiling light.

Lunette, made from glass fiber paper, becomes translucent when lit and takes up to a 100 watt bulb (which makes it a treasure in our minds; most lighting these days is dishearteningly low-wattage). It can withstand temperatures to 500 degrees. (Care must be taken to position the shade to that NO PART actually touches the bulb which would cause it to discolor.) ?The can be hung from pendant lights, and are lovely grouped.<;

Several visitors to our new space commented on the shade: “;love the light…;where’;d you get it?”; The $32 Lunette is available at Tweek.

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