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unique gifts for men personalised outdoor cushion covers 5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget
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Well, we’re here to be the bearer of good news. You actually don’t need loads of cash to curate a space you’re proud of and that actually feels like home. The trick is to make the most of what you already own and what you do end up purchasing (because trust us, depriving yourself of everything you need and some stuff you want is no fun). Here, we’ve outlined five simple tips to get you decor savvy on a dime.

Shoot For The Stars by Alja Horvat

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Velvet Mint Chair in Jungle Room by Lara Lee Meintjes

Revamping a space doesn’t necessarily mean buying all new everything. We’re borrowing from Marie Kondo here, but there is a lot of value in doing an overhaul of your existing space and possessions to see what you’re really working with. You might find you already have everything you need, and with a little creativity and DIY spiritunique gifts for men, can get a whole new look on the cheap. This can mean reupholstering your old couch, painting that IKEA side table for a much-needed pop of color or finally getting those art prints framed ?(hint: thrift stores and flea markets are your friend here). Same goes for rearranging your furniture–switch things up and you’ll feel like you’re in a new space!

Still Life by Samantha Nickerson

So, turns out you still need *something* for your space. But before you start shopping, ask yourself a few things like “Why?” and more importantly, “Do I need it?” and “Do I want it?” Distinguishing wants from needs isn’t always fun–it really seems like one of the most “adult” things you can do–but it is a surefire way to be more intentional with your spending. Prioritize needs over wants, but don’t feel like you should always deny yourself of pieces that bring you joy or round out your decor scheme. Just ask yourself if you can truly justify shelling out for those artisanal vases when you don’t even have a proper place to eat (we’re definitely not speaking from experience here…;).

Interior with Matisse by nadja breton

apt. 7 by Paul Prinzip

Artwork is a must for redecorating. Plain walls can be a real downer, and there is literal proof that looking at art can improve your mood. That said, adding new wall art doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. One way to maximize your purchases is to hang your works in a gallery wall rather than spreading them throughout the room. This will make a bigger impact, especially in tighter spaces, not to mention smaller works are often cheaper than larger ones. You can also get super creative here, mixing in other objects (dried flowers and Polaroids are my picks) or incorporating washi tape for a more dynamic display.

Emile Vase by Megan Galante

Karten Vase by by Megan Galante

Accessories can really tie a room together, but they’re even better–and make more justifiable purchases– if they also serve a functional purpose. Think chic acrylic trays for storing jewelry, serving trays for keeping your coffee table organized and patterned cutting boards that can spruce up your kitchen when you’re not chopping onions. These practical accessories are the perfect blend of those aforementioned wants and needs, making them a win-win for any room refresh.

India Mahdavi Inspired House by Isabelle Feliu

Rubber Plant by chewlie

Think quality first when it comes to making larger purchases for your space. Nothing’s worse than making a big purchase only to wish you got something slightly different a few months later. And keep in mind that not everything in your home has to be a showstopper. If you invest in a few key pieces–furniture, mainly–it will instantly up the overall decor scheme. Think about whether that couch color really fits in with your color scheme, if your cat really won’t claw that velvet upholstery and if you’re confident your purchase will last for years to come. Once it passes your rigorous questioning, do your research, compare pricing and hit “add to cart” with confidence!


personalised outdoor cushion covers

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