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unique gifts for men personalised outdoor cushion covers 5 Ways to Create a Gorgeous AND Comfortable Bed
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Your bedroom can certainly be your refuge from the everyday stresses of life. Your room also has the potential to be a place of frustration if it’s low on your cleaning and decorating priority list. You deserve to have a beautiful space where you feel safe and calm. Fortunately there are quick ways to totally revamp the ambiance of your bedroom. In specific, creating a comfy bed may have the most positive influence on the atmosphere of your room.

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Let’s start with wall colors - what color are they? You might already have the walls painted to your liking but maybe they can use an update? Or perhaps you rent and are unable to change the colors at all. Whatever your situation is, you’ll definitely want to coordinate your bedding with the wall colors, at least to some degree. Even if you choose a bedding shade that is darker or lighter than your walls, if they harmonize well it will be much more pleasing to the eyes.

Some people choose to match their sheets to their wallsunique gifts for men, while others prefer your classic white sheets. There are no stone written rules when it comes to choosing the optimal color of your sheets. You’ll just want to be sure that your top layer of bedding coordinates well with your walls and other room decor.

There are simple solutions to creating a serene bedroom, even if you choose (or are forced to have) white walls. White has its own trademark beauty, but do not let it deter you from having the bedroom of your dreams! In some ways, white walls may give you more freedom to mix and match patterns or add some extra bold accents without creating chaos.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bedding, you may be wondering what to use for the top layer. There really is tons of options. Comforters, quilts, coverlets, and duvets – it can all be a little overwhelming to consider. Let’s break them down individually.

Of course, you can always layer two or three of these options for a more fluffy and textured look with added warmth.

Let’s talk about pillows for a moment. Some people seem to prefer just a few basic pillows on their beds, while others frankly like a pillow wonderland. Pillows can add intrigue and beauty to your bedscape, but how much is too much? It’s easy. There?are?no set rules when it comes to pillow décor! What it comes down to is personality and preference. Typically, 2-3 layers of sleeping pillows stacked will be enough to complete the package. Especially if you add in a decorative pillow or two!

Your sheets may be the single most important factor when it comes to your comfort in bed. You’ll want to choose breathable, high quality sheets that won’t lose their integrity through frequent washes. A good set of sheets will naturally be low maintenance and will wick away moisture to help keep you dry and cozy.?PeachSkinSheets?offer all of these qualities and more! Additionally, these sheets are perfect creating the seamless bedroom ambiance because you can match your sheets to your wall paint with ease. PeachSkinSheets offer next level color matching using their?PeachPerfectPaintMatch?– you can even order swatch samples to help you decide.

Now you have the tools to get started on creating your much deserved bedroom sanctuary. With just a little paint (or not), the perfect bed topper, well placed pillows, and some high quality sheets – you can totally transform your room. The possibilities are endless!

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